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Episode Pet Sematary/Our Top 5 Remakes

Episode Summary

Kill the Dead Podcast is back with a review of the 2019 remake of Pet Sematary, we conclude or March Frightness and we go down the list of our

Episode Notes

Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. -imdb
DirectorKevin K├Âlsch, Dennis Widmyer
WritersJeff Buhler
ActorsJason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow
Run Time1 hour 40 minutes

What's good with you? 1:28
March Frightness 7:10
Pet Sematary 17:10
Our Top 5 Remakes 40:25
Marry F@ck Kill 1:20:25
We can you find us 1:25:28

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